I'm Ebola feat. Sandip Buch and Jessica Delfino

by Jessica Delfino

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This song is sung from the perspective of Ebola as a gansta rapper. It's for infotainment purposes only. Share and enjoy, thanks!

See it performed live:
Wed 10/22 @ The Stand, NYC, 10 PM / $10

Thurs 10/23 @ Comedy Central Stage @ The Hudson, LA, 8 PM, FREE


Some of y’all worry about getting a cold
some of y’all worry about gettin old
but you better worry bout me the next time you sneeze.
Bitch please, on your knees - im the meanest disease

Im ebola, i dont fuck around,
im ebola, ill take you down X
ill give you red diarrhea and tissue necrosis
but don't blame me for your breath, you already had halitosis

im ebola, virus don't play,
im comin after your DNA.
then I’ll infect you while i spread these rhymes
ill make you disappear like malaysia airlines

so get your gas masks, wear your hazmat suits,
i got dustin hoffman shaken in his boots

im eblola, i dont fuck around
im ebola, i ll take you down
ill make your skin bleed, like a trillion razor blades
after im done with you, you’ll wish you had aids.

I laugh at soap and I piss on sanitizer,
no drug can touch me - just ask pfeiser
you can run X but you cant hide
no matter what you do im still gettin inside

i can take down anyone, even yo mama,
you be missin like the birth certificate of obama.
You’re screening for me at JFK
I’ll just roll through LaGuardia and blow you away

im like rocky balboa im a champion fighta
the cdc sweats me like the us sweats the al quaida.
but this is a war you can not win,
cause there aint no drones for this contageon
the CDC cant do shit to me
cause in the micro world im a vip
There’s a 90% chance I’ll kill you dead
unlike Paris Hilton they’re not even sure how I spread

im ebola, i dont fuck around
im ebola, ill take you down
ill make you bleed pussy X and make your pussy bleed
you’ll be in chronic pain so you better get that weed

im ebola - the worse you’ve ever seen
im a crisis worse than isis so get in your quarentine.
cause its you ill be killin, im a microscopic villan
thats im-
mune to penicillin, you be silly stupid illin

immune system dissin, blood you’ll be pissin, life you’ll be missin, this is my only mission

caskets be shippin, i aint trippin, so
bitch learn my name- ebola not rumplestitskin

im ebola

RNA. surrounded by helical ribonucleocapsid. bitch.


released October 15, 2014
Lyrics by Sandip Buch and some help from Jessica Delfino
Composition by Jessica Delfino



all rights reserved